OPINION: Fear for the future


Rebecca Burns opinion on the future of gen z.

Each generation is better than the last as they learn from previous generations. We have to look forward to how our actions will define how we will be remembered. Our generation is facing many issues like COVID, technology, social media, the political rift, and social media. On the other hand, we have started many positive changes that will help future generations like online communications. However, our response to these problems and how we survive will determine its impact on future generations.

To start, my generation is blessed with several optimistic outcomes. We are a very open minded and sensitive group to minority and majority struggles. Not only do we address and talk about problems with the fabric of society, but we also propose solutions and courses of actions to take and implement them. Second, we have used social media to connect the world, expand our views, and join organizations like us. In addition, we have created our own norms, language, and rules for using social media and online communications. Moreover, the advancement of technology aids the medical field, everyday life, and jobs.

However, with these blessings come pressing concerns. First, the awareness of inequality is creating action in the form of violence and extremist views. As people struggle for power, some people’s voice gains standing while others are silenced. Additionally, careers are falling. Technology is taking jobs, a college degree is the new high school diploma, and in person stores are closing, shifting the market to only online shopping. Third, the political division in America is making compromises harder and the average American voice is not reflected in political stances. Fourth, our generation is more about self happiness. We make too many decisions based on short term gratification vs. what must be done for long term safety and fulfillment.

So, what does my generation have to look forward to as we join the adult world? As we face many dilemmas, we must be conscious of how we solve these issues. Future generations will either learn from our mistakes, mirror previous generations, or look to us for inspiration. We have mostly big social issues, whose course of action will define the new American values and beliefs. We can take our place and unite the world through online communications to take the human race to the next step of evolution, or we can take a huge step in the wrong direction.

One example of this is our response to COVID. We came up with creative solutions such as zoom, virtual schooling, and online shopping. How we handled the mandate and regulations and our response is how we will be remembered.

In conclusion, I fear the future more than hope for it. With the Black Lives Matter Movement riots and the storming of the capital, I fear that the true intentions of dispersing equal voices will only shift the power from some people to others. This means we will have accomplished nothing as inequality will still plague our nation. I also fear that the wonderful technological advancements will be overshadowed by the limited careers and high education needed. To continue, our government is broken as politicians get away with murder and reforming the system requires those same people to give up their power. The concerns and desires of the common American man is not heard by those on capitol hill. It truly is a battle in which how we become victorious defines our generation as heroes or villains.