OPINION: It’s not flashy, but the change is good


Caroline Nagle

Senior Kenny Robison

As a generation, it seems we have a bleak outlook on the future. However, we can look at the recent social justice movement, improving technology, and world progression that has never been as prevalent as it is today. These ideas are not as flashy as previous generations’ introduction of industrialization, cars, home entertainment systems, women’s and civil rights movements where people who will be and are taught about in schools were made. However, we have an opportunity to see more of these once in a lifetime people and movements to take place.

To start, in America, and other diversified countries, there have been movements to end discrimination of all peoples. There have been many attempts in the past, and many people from older generations believe it is just another try that will end just as quickly as it started. Realistically, we are different from those people before us, and we could truly be the change that they could not accomplish. When the last social justice movement was around, there was a very clear hatred towards minorities, where now, most of those old-minded thinkers are out of power. 

Next, the improvement of technology is going to be a huge change in our world that if we embrace will help many. An example could be, the efforts of AI and robots to stop war before it even happens. There would be less human casualties, and more peace in a world it is hard to maintain peace in. Another example would be,  the medical technology where prosthetics, surgeries, and care of the elderly is better than ever. With a small nod to the current pandemic, medicine is becoming a huge need right now that will need to be settled. Looking at the Nobel Prize winners and their accomplishments tell me that change is in the near future. 

Overall, today’s world involves less conflict and conquest than we have almost ever seen. There are few if any unclaimed areas of the world, and the idea of one country conquering another to this generation seems impossible. We did not witness the fall of the USSR, or any real changes in country status. The idea in property management tells it well, ‘If you can’t go out, go up’. Now that we don’t have to expand and explore new places, we can collectively improve and continue research into science, technology, and any new ideas.

In today’s world, we may not realize it, but we have many things to look forward to. We are the leaders in social justice, technology, and expansion of world progress, how can we not look into the future with excitement.