College Corner: Andrew Tornatore


Caroline Nagle

Caroline Nagle talks to Andrew Tornatore about his decision to attend Penn State Altoona.

Caroline Nagle, Social Media Editor

Senior Andrew Tornatore Is going to Penn State Altoona Next year and he is majoring in Accounting and minoring in Business.

“It is Close to Home and is cheaper to go to then most schools,” Andrew explains

Andrew plans on using his education by becoming successful in his area and becoming an accountant.

Andrew believes this school and career path is right for him because It’ll let him grow into an individual with great knowledge and he enjoys working with numbers and math. He is looking forward to meeting new individuals, living the best years of his life, and saving a ton of money.

He is very excited to be going to Penn State Altoona and some of his friends are going with him. “I have a lot of friends from Bellwood attending PSU, so it’ll be nice to have people I know in the same¬† area,”¬† Andrew Explained

He is not sure what clubs or activities awaits him, but he sure is excited to find out.