College Corner: Noah Patton


Caroline Nagle

Noah Patton has decided to further his education at Shippensburg.

Caroline Nagle , Social Media Editor

Senior Noah Patton is going to Shippensburg University next year and he is majoring in mathematics with a focus on actuarial science. Noah also plans on minoring in business. 

One of the reasons Noah has chosen to go to Shippensburg because he likes the big yet small atmosphere. 

“I like the way that everyone is friendly and nice. I also like the fact that it is far enough away to make new friends,” Noah explained. 

Noah believes this school and career path is right for him because he enjoys math and risk management and Shippensburg is one of the only schools in the state that has the major Noah wants to go for. 

Noah plans to use his education by helping businesses and nonprofit organizations with risk management. 

Noah has done track and field at Bellwood since freshman year and it is something that he wants to continue in college. 

College is a very exciting time and people are always looking forward to new experiences and that is what Noah is most excited for about college. 

“I’m looking forward to getting new experiences and expanding my understanding of people who had different experiences from my own,” Noah explained. 

Leaving a small town that you have lived in your whole life and the people you have grown up with is hard and the friends that Noah has made here is what he will miss most about Bellwood.