OPINION: Project Veritas strikes mainstream media where it counts


Project Veritas has been on the front lines in the fight against fake news. Recently this nonprofit has hit the gold mine of proof. Project Veritas has definitively proved that both the New York Times and CNN have been lying to the Americans people. They are also calling out social media outlets, currently twitter, for their lies and censorship. 

Currently Project Veritas is suing the New York Times for defamation after the “news” paper alleged they were part of a “coordinated disinformation campaign”. The response from the New York Times has been so great. In order for the case to be dismissed before discovery the lawyers for the paper argued that the article that caused the lawsuit was not news as it was purported to be, but actually unverifiable opinion. It also admitted that the writers behind the articles, plural, were not opinion writers. This prominent “news” outlet is one of the biggest and most prominent in the nation. Despite its supposed respectability it is in fact nothing more than a tool of propaganda. 

Project Veritas has also targeted CNN recently. They released a hidden camera video of Charlie Chester, a technical director for CNN. He says himself that he is one step down from director. This video is really damaging to both Charlie Chester and CNN. He says that they used what he states is propaganda to get Trump out of office. The videos show him talking about how CNN spun a narrative and how he believes that without CNN Trump would still be president. He says they made Trump look weak and unfit on purpose to get him out of office. Charlie Chester even goes on to say that fear sells, backed up by what he said about covid. He even says something atrocious when talking about how they always have the covid death toll on the screen, “It would make our point better if it was higher” and “Let’s make it higher”. This was because it was “Gangbusters with ratings”. He goes on further to talk about how CNN spun narrative to help Black Lives Matter. Charlie Chester talked about how he did research on Asian hate and found black people commiting the crimes and how CNN did not want to report on this because it hurts the BLM narrative. He also said he has not seen them focus on race for a story, unless the person was white. 

The Twitter account for Project Veritas has long been taken down. It was taken down due to a supposed privacy violation when they confronted someone outside their home, even though they blurred the address for the video in question and other “news” outlets do the same thing without blurring the address. Recently a CNN host said on air that the account was taken down due to misinformation, this is false. In response Project Veritas is suing CNN for defamation for this clear and blatant lie. 

In response to the videos exposing CNN twitter suspended the account of James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas. Ok, it was officially for operating fake accounts. This excuse has long been used to censor political personalities who go against the beliefs of Twitter, but do not actually break any rules. What Project Veritas did in response, however, is unique. They are now suing Twitter for defamation on the grounds that Twitter put out an official statement saying that James O’Keefe was operating multiple accounts, when in actuality he was not. This could be one of the most important lawsuits in recent history. It could completely change the political landscape if Project Veritas wins.

The media that has long lied to the American people is finally under attack. They are being sued for their defamatory falsehoods by Project Veritas. The social media structure that defends these media outlets is also under attack. We will see how the political landscape changes due to these massive lawsuits and bombshell revelation, but hopefully the truth will at long last come to light and create a better tomorrow.