Local chapter celebrates National FFA Week


FFA members Hunter, Dominic, and Joey.

This week is National FFA Week and almost all Chapters/Schools are joining in, including Bellwood-Antis, where the local chapter has activities planned for every day.

The meaning behind the event is to show students one week out of the year what FFA really means to them. This year it takes place on February 19th-26th.

The themes for this week’s days are:

Tuesday: Camo Day

Wednesday: Bring Your Tractor to School Day

Thursday: Hick Day

Friday: FFA Chapter Breakfast(Just for FFA members)

The FFA has also had games for the general student population to participate in, like a daily question posted in the cafeteria for students to fill out an answer sheet and submit for prizes.

The purpose of FFA is to show students that have an interest in Agricultural. The goal to accomplish in FFA is to develop competent and assertive agricultural leadership.

FFA can lead to millions of job opportunities and gives guidance to kids who want to go into agriculture careers and make their life successful.

Thank you for joining the FFA students in participating in FFA week.