Send no troop to Ukraine


Kerry Naylor

Matthew Berkowitz feels the US should keep its military out of Ukraine.

Matthew Berkowitz, Student contributor

The United States has no responsibility and owes nothing to Ukraine. An invasion by the United States would only raise tensions.

Russia’s allies would join in creating a much more severe war were the U.S. to put troops on the ground. Due to the fact Ukraine is not a part on NATO, it would be out of the United States’ own pity to send support.

However, if we continue to pursue involvement, it should be limited to financial assistance only. This helps protect not only our troops but also saves the war from escalating and perhaps spreading to more countries and a larger conflict. Its fair for us to send weapons, keeping in mind Ukraine planned on joining NATO and could become a strong ally for future disputes.

The war, however, could become large and dribble over to other countries, including the United States, which could even result into a World War III. The United States should try and keep building relationships with allies in case of an upcoming tragedy.