Send no troops to Ukraine


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Riley Andrews favors economic sanctions on Russia as opposed to military action.

Riley Andrews, Student contributor

The United States should not send their military to help Ukraine. Doing so good can possibly lead to World War 3 and even nuclear conflict.

Putin has already ordered Russia’s nuclear forces into a higher state of alert. According to Daryl Kimball, the executive director of the Arms Control Association, “This is unprecedented in the post-cold war era. There has been no instance in which a U.S. or Russia leader has raised the alert level of their nuclear forces in a middle of a crisis in order to try to coerce the other sides behavior.”

Many experts say that there is no reason to worry about Putin using nuclear weapons. In my opinion, Putin is just trying to scare other countries, specifically the ones in NATO, to not intervene. He has realized that most of the world is opposed to his brutal ways.

Despite the nuclear threat most likely being desperate, no major world powers, including the U.S, should send troops. There are other less risky ways to help Ukraine. So far, the basic western strategy has been to supply the Ukrainians with weapons while imposing crippling sanctions on the Russian economy. These anti-Russia actions have been effective thus far. We have sent over Javelin anti-tank weapons, stinger aircraft missiles, as well as small arms and ammunition. The sanctions placed on Russia have been devastating to their overall economy. One of the most effective actions has been freezing the assets of Russia’s central bank.

I believe Ukraine and the world would benefit most from the West focusing on firepower and economic sanctions.