OPINION: Stop corporate greed to end climate change

It is a very reasonable thing to hope for change. Humans are wired to be hopeful. However hope is not something we can look for anymore.

In just the past 40 years, we have destroyed our planet. There is not a place untouched by our greed. There is no hope for a better future. According to outsideonline.com “while the IPC’s sixth assessment report makes dear that every fraction or a degree of global warming that we avoid is crucial to limit the severity of our climates impending disaster …we must now adapt to it” 3 degrees is all it takes to make this planet completely unlivable, yet we still try. However our efforts will always be stunted , because the crisis is not our fault.”

In 2004, public relations firm Ogiry and Mather had an idea. “By Shifting the blame for carbon emissions away from giant fossil fuel corporations and onto the shoulders of individuals, it could help it’s client BP escape blame.” This issue was not caused by normal people. This issue was caused by corporations. As much as we may try to stop these massive companies from killing us for their profit, no legislation will be passed.

We are dying, our planet is dying, but anyone with enough bribes can stop millions from getting to see what a rainforest is. It is not the people deciding the planet’s future who will live to see it through. It is us.