Spread the Word: Inclusion 2022


Victoria Jenkins

B-A’s Spread the Word campaign begins March 28.

Kimberly Bennett, Staff Writer

For the last several years Bellwood-Antis has been spread through out the school for the last several years.

The morning of March 25th, 2022 started Bellwood’s big inclusion event. Every year from years prior we have done a spirit week for the students 0f Bellwood- Antis. Each day represents inclusion.

Spirit week days for March 28-April 1. (Victoria Jenkins)

Monday: Blend together day- Wear something tie-dyed

Tuesday: Hats off to inclusion- Wear your favorite hat

Wednesday: One school unified- Wear your Bellwood-Antis school district blue and gold

Thursday: Get comfy with inclusion- Wear your pajamas

Friday: Wear red for Autism acceptance- Wear something red

The point of inclusion week is to include people with disabilities are often excluded by theirĀ  peers. They are disrespected and not treated like a normal human being and inclusion is going to help with that. Inclusion is for teachers and students to participate as one whole team.

Inclusion week will be from March 28th- April 1st.