B-A singers perform first live concert since 2019


Courtesy photo

Bellwood-Antis had its first live chorus concert since 2019.

Kimberly Bennett, Staff Writer

On Sunday, Bellwood-Antis High School music director Ms. Beth Hull led her choir to completing her first spring concert since 2019, before the COVID pandemic.

It was an American style chorus concert featuring songs from B-A’s latest musical production, Beauty and the Beast.

The program of the concert went as following: National Anthem, the Bellwood-Antis Alma Mater, “Let Freedom Ring,” “God Bless America,” “Simple Gifts,” An American Trilogy, Hamilton Highlights, and Beauty and the Beast excerpts.

The excerpts were “Home,” sung by Raela Zuiker, “If I can’t Love Her,” sung by Daman Mills, and “Something There,” sung by Jayce Miller, Dallas Smithmyer, Carter Rettig, Avery Turek, and Daman Mills.

There were a few featured solos, as well. The soloists were Jayce Miller in “God Bless America,” a solo in American Trilogy sung by Carter Rettig, and finally Hamilton Highlights soloists: Thad Dick; Avery Turek, Lydia Worthing, Jocelyn McGuire, Jayce Miller, Stevinah Fochler, and Gianna Juart.

Halfway through the concert, Ms. Hull had a recognition of all the seniors that were involved in chorus in the 2021-2022 chorus year.

The soprano section included: Kimberly Bennett, Sarah Berkowitz, Julia Burns, Jojo Caswell, Ireland Cherry, Gianna Juart, Jocelyn McGuire, Hailey Simon, amd Avery Turek.

The alto section included: Katelyn Brallier, Stevinah Fochler, Sarah Mayes, Jayce Miller, Brianna Partner, Jalynn Partner, Brooklyn Rutherford, Loralie Weeden, Lydia Worthing, and Raela Zuiker.

The tenor section included: Jacob Carracciolo and Dallas Smithmyer.

Finally, the baritone section included: Jacob Batts, Cole Cherry, Thad Dick, Hunter Foor, Michael Labella, Daman Mills, Peter Orona, Carter Rettig, and Holden Schreier.

Ms. Hull would like to thank everyone who came to the musical and supported the students who sung at the concert after they had put months of hard work into the musical and the concert.