BA students shine at Math 24 challenge


Bellwood-Antis had four students advance all the way to the finals and two more to the semifinals last week at the IU-8 challenge 24 Game competition May 20, at Lakemont Park.

In all, 11 B-A students participated in the event, which is meant to test the calculating speed and accuracy of the top math students.

Bellwood-Antis was well-represented at the Math 24 challenge hosted by the IU8. (Courtesy photo)

In 24 Game, all students complete round one with single digit cards and round two with double digit cards. The students with the highest totals in each age group proceed to semi-finals. They must solve 2 cards in the semi-finals with one solution and finally the winners of this round move to the finals. In the final round you must find one solution which solves 4 cards.

Brennan Beaver made it to semi-finals along with Tucker McCloskey and Lilly McNelis.

Blake Pennington made it to finals along with Marissa Cacciotti and Sophie Lovrich.

Participating students included:


Samantha Fagan

Brennan Beaver

Bowen Taylor

Connor Stere


Sophie Lovrich

Abi DeArmitt

Austin Ritchey

Tucker McCloskey


Blake Pennington


Lily McNelis

Marissa CacciottI