New touch screens come to Bellwood-Antis


Jacob Mercer

Mr. Thone teaches from his new Samsung Flip touch screen board.

Jake Mercer, Staff Writer

Over the summer, Bellwood-Antis School District replaced classroom televisions with new Samsung Flip touch screens.

These new touch screens bring a more versatile aspect to the classroom compared to the TVs Bellwood had in past years. Not only are teachers able to control the Samsung  models from the board, but they are also able to control it from their iPad.

The new Samsung Flip boards have features that include the ability to write on the board with a pen, allows quick and efficient editing, and versatile connectivity that include USB, HDMI, NFC, and screen mirroring. Samsung also offers display that supports any browser.

Essentially, the boards cover many functions in one electronic device. They can be used by both teachers and students as a chalkboard. They are also a television and digital media player. Math and art teachers can use screens designed strictly for their classes. The boards can also be used for projection and for exploring the internet.

B-A’s technology department chose these boards specifically because, “it has the business model that is designed to put into difficult environments. If you leave these screens on for 8 hours everyday they could last from 22 to 25 years,” said District Technology Coordinator Mr. Mike Lingenfelter.

Mr. Lingenfelter was one of the main organizers of choosing and setting up the new boards. Although, B-A received the boards mid-summer, they were not set up and running until the week before the start of school.

Mr. Lingenfelter said that the installation delay was due to not having the necessary cables to have the board work.

“The boards we have are articulating mount, and there is no movement when the boards are mounted. It wouldn’t have made any sense to have gotten the boards mounted then take them back down because they are 130 pounds each,” he said.

High school history teacher, Mr. Gary Rhone, likes his new Samsung board.

“It has excellent visual quality … the wireless connection is the bomb!”” he said.

B-A teachers at the high school, middle school, and elementary school level received training for the new boards at an in-service training this summer. Multiple teachers are already implementing the boards into their everyday curriculum.