I SURVIVED: Civics 9


Olivia Hess, Staff Writer

If you’ve ever made your class schedule in March, not knowing what some of your choices entail, you’re in luck. Mr. McNaul is here to tell you all about his Civics class, and a former student from the class will give her opinions. 

Mr. McNaul’s keys to survival in Civics:

Materials or supplies needed: iPad and access to Google Classroom

What do students learn in this class? Types of governments, early political history (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights), the three branches of government, and during election years we look at voting, elections, and political parties

What do students typically enjoy in your class? Debating and discussions on controversial topics, and rights of citizens

What is the most challenging part of Civics? Remembering our rights and the amendments they relate to, and understanding the roles of each branch of government 

Tips for being successful in this class: Work hard and smart; ask questions when you need to and keep up on your work! 

 Mr. McNaul also “works a lot of current events into class content so [his] students can see how what we are learning relates to the real world”.

Former student, Avah Hassler’s opinions:

What was your experience in Civics? My experience in Civics was great, the teacher is amazing and the class was very informational and will help you in the future. 

What was your favorite part of the class? My favorite part of the class was Mr. McNaul.

Avah’s least favorite part of the class were the “very long” notes.

What advice would you give to students taking Civics? If you study the class it’s very easy.