B-A football raises $1,500 for breast cancer awareness


Courtesy photo

The Bellwood-Antis football team made a donation of $1,550 to Girls Night Out last week.

Tighe Eaken Jr., Staff Writer

For the fifth straight year B-A’s football team has teamed with a local cancer awareness organization, raising fund for a donation of more than $1,500.

Last week Coach Nick Lovrich presented a check to Girls Night Out for $1,550.

The Blue Devils football team takes a different route to supporting breast cancer awareness during its official month of recognition in October.

While other teams and pro players wear pink gloves, socks, sleeves, arm bands, Bellwood keeps it simple and clean.

Coach Nick Lovrich doesn’t allow the players to buy pink accessories because most of the money from those products goes to the big brands like Nike and Under Armour.

The only pink that is shown on the Blue Devils’ uniforms is a pink ribbon on the back of the helmets.

The team instead donates money towards Girls Night Out, a 100% volunteer-run organization that raises money to be donated to local breast cancer affiliated facilities that care for breast cancer patients.

Each player is asked to donate $5 dollars. All of the money raised by the team is then matched by the BA Quarterback Club.

The team received an added boost this year when Timber Tie Estate, a local event venue that hosts activities like wedding receptions and reunions, joined the team and matched the players’ donations.

Coach Lovrich explained that “the money stays local. Every last penny goes to the Girls Night Out organization when our players donate.

“We all have special women in our lives. That’s why it’s important to step up and help out.”

Juls Bratton, president of Girls Night Out explained that the football team been donating to GNO Altoona for the past several years and “we couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for their continued support.

“Again, we are so proud of the Bellwood football team and all they have contributed over the years to GNO Altoona, and it’s because of groups like you that we can continue to do what we do.”