Thanksgiving is Coming Up!


Thanksgiving is coming up this Thursday and everyone is getting ready. Thanksgiving is a very important day.

There are still some Native Americans that think that the 4th Thursday in November is the National Day of Mourning. The feast was peaceful in the year of 1621.

There were many losses of people and land for the Wampanoag.  Native Americans spend their time on Thanksgiving recognizing those losses.

Native Americans honor those that they had lost. It is a day of remembrance.

We celebrate Thanksgiving by staying inside and eating turkey and watching football. Native Americans do different things on Thanksgiving like go outside.

Native Americans have a feast. Their activities include; stories, games, ceremonies, and their traditional food. Their activities are similar to what we do, but they most likely go outside instead.

On Thanksgiving Day, a lot of Native Americans go to Cole’s Hill which is near Plymouth Rock. This tradition started in 1970.

Thanksgiving is a very important day to celebrate and take time to be Thankful.