I SURVIVED: Home Economics


Olivia Hess, Staff Writer

Cooking skills can be learned in middle school, and carried on through the rest of your life.

Ms. Val Harris is here to tell you about her Home Economics class, along with food connoisseur and former student, Addy Turek, who will share her experiences. 

Ms. Harris’s keys to surviving Home Economics

What do students learn in this class? We learn the basics of cooking, and we learn about nutrition and some basic sewing skills. 

Do students need to bring any materials for Home Ec? No. Everything is supplied for them. 

What is your favorite lesson or recipe to give to students? It’s very hard to choose a favorite lesson. I really like the fact that the kids take home a recipe and tell me that they made it for their family.

Do you have any advice for students who plan to take your class? As long as you know how to cook an egg, you can survive in life.

Addy’s opinions

What was your experience in Home Ec? My experience has been really good. The class is a lot of fun. My lab group really enjoys cooking.

What was the best food you made? The best food we made was our mac and cheese.

What was the most difficult recipe to follow? The hardest recipe to follow was the garlic pasta.

Why do you recommend this class to others? It’s a light atmosphere, fun, and we cook a lot of recipes.