Opinion: The Liver King


Sorry, we weren’t able to use a picture of the actual Liver King.

Recently, Brian Johnson, also known as the Liver King; an internet sensation in the fitness industry, has come out about using steroids.

This may not seem like a big deal because most fitness influencers do use PEDs (performance enhancing drugs), but the Liver King is in a different situation. The Liver King has claimed to have a natural physique ever since he got into the social media scene. However, he recently admitted that he spends upwards of $12,000 on steroids every month.

Brian runs a website called LiverKing.com where he sells his “natural ancestral philosophy.” He also sells supplements such as beef organs and beef liver, pertaining to getting the body that he has himself. The website actually does have beneficial information such as workout plans, inspirational phrases, and recipes for cooked meals.

His audience, mostly younger men and teenagers, fall into the trap that getting these supplements will give you a body similar to his. This simply isn’t true. In his most recent YouTube video, he has made an apology video about claiming natural all of these years. It may seem reasonable that he uses steroids because he is getting older and doesn’t want to feel old, and it would have been okay if that was the only reason he used PEDs.

The problem with the Liver King in my opinion is that he was selling supplements to younger people who may not have realized he was on PEDs, this would lead to them buying his product and believing that they could achieve the body that Brian has. The Liver Kings also portrays himself eating all kinds of raw meat and this can lead to sickness and disease.

All of Brian’s scams have led to him racking in hundreds of millions of dollars every year.