FFA Honors three Bellwood-Antis Students


Jojo Caswell

B-A FFA members were recognized yesterday at the Farm Show in Harrisburg.

Three Bellwood-Antis FFA members earned special recognition at the Pennsylvania Farm Show on Monday.

The state FFA degree, called the Keystone in Pennsylvania, is the highest degree that can be bestowed on an FFA member at the state level. Earning a Keystone Degree requires up to four years of effort, through leadership development and participation in FFA activities both in school and in the community.

Dominic Daughenbaugh, Joey Whiteford, and Hailey Loupe all received recognition at the PA Farm Show for their achievements in FFA. (File Photos)

Two of Bellwood-Antis’ students, Joey Whiteford and Dominic Daughenbaugh, were honored with this degree Monday in Harrisburg.

This award means so much to Joey because it is a running tradition within his family.

“This award means a lot to me because my dad, sister, and my cousins all have the Keystone Degree,” he said.

Both Joey and Dominic agree that their efforts paid off, although it took four years of hard work and dedication, even outside of school.

After high school, Dominic plans on hopefully opening a farm and going into trade school after high school while Joey plans on getting into the union for electrical work.

Another big honor was awarded to a B-A freshman, Hailey Loupe.

Hailey was awarded her FFA jacket. Beyond its place in Official Dress, an FFA corduroy jacket is considered an article of faith, honor and pride. The jacket unifies members in a long-standing tradition and reminds them that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

“Getting the FFA jacket makes me feel that I am really apart of this organization,” said Hailey. “It shows a connection between all the members.”

Although Hailey has learned much from her time in FFA, she said the most important thing she has learned is the skill to work with others.

B-A’s FFA club is advised by Mr. Matthew Webreck, who took students to the show.