Game On: Star Wars Battlefront 2


On a second review, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is better than it originally seemed. (File photo)

Brandon Buss, Staff Writer

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a first-person shooter set in the realm of Star Wars. Sounds awesome right? Wrong. While the game’s concept itself was great, the problems were greedy developers and lack of content.  

More importantly, loot boxes. Don’t even get me started on loot boxes. I hate them with a passion. EA, the main company behind the development and release of Battlefront 2, was greedy. They tried to find any possible way to squeeze money out of their consumers and saw this as a golden opportunity. 

Essentially loot boxes were a form of gambling, which can form addictions habits in young children, even leading to representative Chris Lee from Hawaii and the Belgium gaming authority moving to ban Battlefront 2, although EA resolved the issue two months after.

People would pay obscenely high prices for a loot box, for the chance to obtain an item. Replica items were also possible in loot boxes. We all know Disney loves money, so the fact that they of all people had to step in and tell EA to chill out blows my mind. This caused them cancel EA’s exclusivity license for StarWars games. 

Despite the botched launch, most issues that cursed the game’s release have been fixed. However, a new problem is that a majority of people refuse to give the game a second chance. 

I personally went back and replayed Battlefront 2, and in all honesty it’s a lot better than I remember. There are practically no bugs, content is surplus, and overall visuals looks amazing. On top of that you can share that experience with your friends through multiplayer.

Despite the botched launch, most issues that cursed the game’s release have been fixed.

If you decide to play online multiplayer, I strongly advise playing for fun. If you’re looking for a competitive shooter, this is not your game, the mechanics are not designed for competition. In the end, taking the game seriously requires teamwork and having players rotate fulfilling objective goals that lead to victory.

The consistently stunning graphics paired with well-designed maps and game modes allows players the ability to play for longer periods of time. Largely expansive maps entice players’ curiosity to explore. Multiple times playing I’ve found myself wandering off to discover something new. It truly makes you feel like you’re in the Star Wars universe.

The Star Wars community is very welcoming and paired with a large-scale war game set in Star Wars this creates interesting groups. People have created servers for their army, clan or era. 

These groups also have chats dedicated to Star Wars fans, nerding out and talking about their passions for their favorite movies, characters, lore, and games.

Most Star Wars games are created as a campaign or multiplayer game. This game not only features the previously talked about multiplayer, but custom games, special game modes, and a campaign.

The campaign’s story follows Iden Versio, part of Inferno squad, an Imperial Special forces unit. You start on planet Endor backing up troops on the ground while sabotaging a generator. The second Death Star is blown up as such in the movie. You must follow the Emperor’s final will, dislodging the rebel scum, tossing them back into the fire.

Custom games are accessible to an extent, allowing players to modify basic game modes. Mods may also fall under this category, as many players create various skins for their favorite characters or make extensions to the game. Through various sources tampering with your game is extremely easy and can be super fun. Although, it should be stated that these mods give you no competitive advantage.

Co-op is another entertaining mode; you may play with up to 3 other friends. Choose which era and faction you want to play as, then complete the in-game objectives to win.

One of my personal favorites includes Ewok Hunt. Ewok hunt spawns 19 storm troopers and 1 Ewok in the thick forests of Endor. Storm troopers can barely see their own hand in front of them, only using a flashlight and a blaster you must survive until the drop ship picks you up. Ewoks have eyes adjusted to the dark and must kill the storm troopers. When a storm trooper dies, they become an Ewok. Around the map spawn two crates which allow regular troopers to equip incendiary grenades and a laser mg.

The gameplay is straight forward, and variety is large. If you’re looking for an in-depth nonsense fun Star Wars shooter, this is your game. The launch of the game caused most player to leave and never return, but the problem has been fixed, now this is the Star Wars game we should have got. They have not only added a ridiculous amount of content, but a surprisingly large player base still exists. Due to it being older the game sells for about $20. I recommend giving it another chance. 9/10