Annual Polar Pop coming this month


Kerry Naylor

The annual Polar Pop will take place next week to support Special Olympics and the B-A bocce team.

On February 16 at 7:30 outside the high school main entrance, Bellwood-Antis will be hosting its 3rd annual Polar Pop. 

Students Can purchase tickets sold during lunch periods outside the cafeteria. $1 for 1 ticket and $5 for 10. Funds go to Special Olympics.

A ticket enters students in a drawing where each purchased ticket goes into a jar. Each jar is labeled with a teacher’s name that is participating. 

Several lucky students will be drawn to drench a teacher with cold water. Winning students get to pop a balloon full of ice cold water over the heads of said teacher.

Teachers participating include Mr. Schreier, Mr. Sachse, Mr. Lovrich, Mr. Barr, Mrs. Stinson, Mrs. Shimel, Mr. McNaul and April Cramer. All teachers listed volunteered out of the kindness of their hearts.

The drawing takes place on February 5. 

This year’s Polar Pop was organized by Mrs. April Cramer, Mrs. Shannon Elder and the Bocce Team.

“We are hoping to raise $250,” Mrs. Cramer said. “Money is donated to the Special Olympics of PA to help fund activities like our Bellwood-Antis Bocce Team.”

Anyone else who would like to donate to the Bellwood-Antis bocce team can link directly to the team’s fundraising page.