CHS tackles broad range of debate topics


Julia Johnson

2023 Debates (Julia Johnson)

Last Friday, Mr. Naylor’s CHS debate class held its annual schoolwide debates in the auditorium for all of the students and staff to come watch. This year’s theme was “The health of America depends on valuing individual values over compromise.”

A video of all of the debates that took place is available below.

Bellwood-Antis livestream

Individual topics for the seven debates that took place were limiting immigration; whether or not Edward Snowden was a hero; the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes in PA; whether it is best to silence some voices; abortion; banning books in school; and government release of UFO information.

The debates took place periods 1-4 and 6-8 and once again included one guest debate featuring prospective eleventh grade students who may take the class next year.

At least one arguer will be selected to travel to the University of Pittsburgh in April to represent Bellwood-Antis in a larger debate featuring CHS students from the Greater Pittsburgh Area.