Law class holds a mock trial


Mara Bollinger

Mr. McNaul’s law class held a mock trial, using former students as jurors.

Bailee Conway, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 22nd, Mr. Matt McNaul’s law class held a mock court trial.

Students took on the roles of lawyers, witnesses, and jurors. They would cross and direct examinant their witnesses, give opening and closing statements to the juror, and would be sworn in to oath by Mr. Styness.

Witnesses had witness statements that they had to memorize while they would get cross examined and direct examined by lawyers.

The case involved a driver who was accused of hitting a kid riding in a crosswalk. The defense had to persuade the jury that the kid was at fault, while the state had to prove the driver was at fault. What did the jury decide? They decided the driver wasn’t at fault.

Chance Schreier, who was a victorious lawyer, said “We put together a strong argument. Our whole team worked together very well. We worked hard on this and came out on top.”

This is only the second year that law is doing this, but Mr. McNaul does it because it helps the law students understand the trial process.

“Since the trial is apart of the criminal justice process,” said Mr. McNaul, “I thought it would be beneficial for the kids to experience the process from the perspective of those who participate.”

The students learn how to think from a lawyer perspective, learning how to work together as a team.