Hats should be allowed in B-A hallways


Kerry Naylor

Freshman Drew Lang feels hats n school are a non-issue.

Why am I not able to wear a hat in school, but other people can wear a wig, dog collars, or even cat ears? If I am not able to wear a hat in school and other people are not allowed to wear the items I listed above, it would be different. The reason I think we should be able to wear hats in school is because others can wear similar things but not get in trouble. I think as long as you are respectful while wearing a hat ,such as taking it off for the pledge, there should not be any conflict. That’s why I think you should be able to wear hats in school.

To begin, a student wearing a hat doesn’t take away from what they are learning. In all sincerity, a hat is just an accessory. It is just like a chain, tie, scarf, belt or any other basic accessory. Would a hat take away from your learning ? NO.  Does a belt, scarf, or any other accessory take away from your learning? NO.  The point of a hat is like everything else we are allowed to wear at school.  A hat and other pieces of your outfit that are accessories don’t change your learning progress or ability to learn.  This is a terrible rule that needs to be changed.

But more importantly, the only way a hat can be disrespectful is if you continue to wear it during the pledge.  As long as you are respectful with it, I personally think you should be able to wear a hat during school.  How would wearing a hat be disrespectful to anybody at school?  I think that if you don’t take your hat off for the pledge you shouldn’t be able to wear a hat anymore and also get detention.

Most importantly, people wear cat ears, wigs and dog collars as accessories but I can’t wear a hat.  The wigs, dog collars and cat ears are more of a distraction than anything else.  A hat is an accessory like a belt, scarf, or tie.  There should be no reason why I can’t wear a hat but others can wear these outrageous items.  The items listed are just accessories. 

The last but short reason is that on theme days we can wear a hat, but normal days we are not allowed.  There is no difference.  Are the students dressing up for a theme or are students using the excuse just to wear a hat?   The other items are allowed everyday not just on theme days, but one of the accessories being a hat, is not allowed. 

To sum up what I have stated,  I think that we should be able to wear a hat because it doesn’t take away from learning.  It wouldn’t be disrespectful as long as it is taken off at the appropriate time during the pledge just like if you were anywhere else. A hat is an accessory just like a belt, tie, scarf, cat ears, wigs, or dog collars that are being allowed to wear at the school.