Opinion: Plus-sized, yes; overweight, no


Photo by Kerry Naylor

Student opinion contributor Amyra Snyder

Featuring overweight models on magazine covers and on social media is negative for society because it shows an unhealthy lifestyle and people can think living unhealthy is okay.  Although, plus-size models can be okay to a point because it shows the reality of the world.  When the models start to become obese or unhealthy that is when the problem starts.  I do not think super thin models are any better because they can cause unhealthy lifestyles just like the overweight models.  Realistic looking people should be the models to show the reality of society.  

Overweight models can be problematic for society.  Having these women models shows it is okay to be obese.  In reality, this can cause major health issues.  Younger generations can see this and want to live up to these models.  These young generations will then think it’s okay to live unhealthy.  If people start to live in unhealthy lifestyles that can cause many health problems that could lead to bigger issues in their future.  Plus-size or fit models are okay because it shows the realistic body of society.  

Plus-size models and fit models should be recognized and put on the magazine covers.  Plus-size models and fit models show the reality of society.  Many models are super thin and that is not any better than the overweight models because it shows an unhealthy living style that can harm younger teens/adults who look up to them.  The plus-size models and fit models show what you would see in public realistically.  However, the super thin or overweight models don’t represent what you will always see in public.  There are more plus-size and fit people you see daily than there are super thin or overweight.  So why not show realistic bodies instead of the less popular ones.  

Overall, there are many different models and many different body shapes.  When the models become unhealthy or teach unhealthy lifestyles that is when we should stop them.  The realistic plus-size and fit bodies should be models.