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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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Brinkman closing the stigma

Lindsey Brinkman, band and cheerleading member, is advocating for more athletes in the arts.
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Lindsey Brinkman (Sophomore) took a huge leap by participating in both marching band and cheerleading last season.

The 2023-2024 football season was definitely a good one for The Bellwood-Antis Marching Band.

Among the musicians and twirlers stood Lindsey Brinkman, a first time marching band participant who just so happened to be a cheerleader as well, making for a rare combination at B-A.

Brinkman was the first cheerleader in the marching band since Kayla Kustaborder, a class of 2015 graduate, who engaged in both cheerleading and twirling in the marching band. Similarly, Kayla played clarinet in concert band much like how Lindsey continues to play saxophone now.

Throughout the season, Brinkman flourished in both roles. Now in post season, Brinkman is advocating for more shared student athletes next year.

“I’ve been cheering since second grade,” started Brinkman, “so when I got to the junior high level I decided to keep going. I joined marching band my sophomore year because of my sister, Madison Brinkman. She’s played a huge role in my band career.”

Lindsey was never afraid to show her personality on the field! (Morgan Kienzle)

Brinkman attends CTC for dental hygiene, and marching band was a way for her to continue her music education even though she was unable to attend concert band class. Even so, she still finds ways to make an appearance every now and then so she doesn’t miss out.

“The one thing I feel like I got out of it, was hopefully being an inspiration to younger students,” said Brinkman. “Maybe a football player, or cheerleader, was thinking about joining marching band, but was afraid to stand out.”

Brinkman has had no problem standing out in the marching band. Her energy and enthusiasm is unmatched by others on the field.

She said her favorite part about the football season was hands down the songs in the field show. During the field show, she was given permission to do “whatever [she] wanted within reason.” She recalled hitting the griddy at countless shows, doing the worm once, and she even got sturdy on the fifty yard line from time to time.

Lindsey said, “Hopefully the crowd got a kick out of it, but at the end of the day, I had to show some of my cheerleader attitude.”

There are stereotypes for both band members, and cheerleaders, so my plan was to break that stereotype by joining the band.

— Lindsey Brinkman

The collaboration of two activities in the same season took some work, but it was made possible because everyone involved was willing to make it happen.

”She didn’t get a break at halftime like the other girls,” commented cheerleading coach Chrissy Shura. “It was definitely a compromise when it came to parades, but she handled it very well. I’d definitely encourage more people to participate in both!”

Brinkman is planning to continue her participation in both Marching Band and Cheerleading in the coming years. She said she values the importance of showing younger students that it is possible to do both, and it makes you a well rounded individual.

“Show off, and be yourself while performing,” Brinkman said, “You may not think you’re the best, but at the end of the day, who cares? Hopefully in the following years we’ll get more students in both marching, cheer, and football. Hopefully I made an impact on the younger students of Bellwood-Antis.”

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