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Too Cool for School: Trip Advisor Gabe Waltermire

After visiting over half the states in the country, this traveler has a lot of experience with exploring the country- and hopefully one day the world
Kate Wallace
After traveling across the country, Gabriel Waltermire is now ready to explore the world.

Gabriel Waltermire has a knack for adventure and the natural beauties of the world. He has visited 33 states and two countries and is now inspired to become a National Park Ranger.

Besides his home state of Pennsylvania, Waltermire has visited more than half of the states in the US, as well as technically stepping foot in Arizona and New Mexico on his trip the the four corners.

He has primarily visited all of these states on the road, with the exception of flying to Florida and taking a train up a mountain. “I’m so used to being in a car that a quick day trip for me could take me 3 hours to get to and 3 hours to get back,” stated Waltermire.

Outside of America, Waltermire has visited Nassau and Grand Turks in the Bahamas by cruise. He does plan on visiting other countries, such as Ireland and Canada.

The lined states on the map above highlight what Waltermire has visited during his travels. (Kate Wallace)

“Interesting things happen on all of my trips,” stated Waltermire.

Waltermire has flown on several helicopters, and on his travel to the Northeast he flew in a plane that was 100 years old that was used for bootlegging alcohol over the Canadian border. He has watched rockets get launched into space and met Astronaut Ed Gibson, as well as getting to see President Biden land from Air Force One to give a speech at the 9/11 memorial.

I’ve held a stingray and pet penguins, which are extremely soft and quite kind,” said Waltermire. “I’ve also fed a walrus, which was still kind but didn’t have any manners.”

Out of all the locations he has been too, Waltermire’s favorites are the natural sights. “I loved the west because it was so different with the canyons and the rock formations, also the beaches on Grand Turks and up in Maine.” He states that he is “not like other tourists” who travel to beaches like Florida or Virginia. He does not enjoy the dirty water and the beaches get too crowded for him to enjoy, “I also don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and gets everywhere.”

Up North however, Waltermire says the beaches are stone and beautiful, and there are less people so he gets to hear the waves crash against the rocks rather than “screaming children”. The beaches at Grand Turks were also a favorite for him with their clear water and reefs to snorkel and enjoy himself.

“I also just enjoy forests like the ones in New York,” commented Waltermire. “They’re peaceful and they feel ancient.” He has also had the opportunity to watch the Old Faithful Guizer erupt.

Before he dies, Waltermire has a bucket list that he is very set on finishing.

“I need to visit all the national parks in the US and I’ve barely scratched the surface on that,” stated Waltermire. He plans on visiting the rest of the states in the country, as well as visiting every continent and as many countries as possible. He particularly wants to visit Greece, Rome, Germany, Mexico, Australia, India, and Scotland.

Waltermire has several landmarks around the globe he wants to visit such as the religious shrines in Japan, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, Easter Island, and the Seven Wonders of the World.

“Anything historical or natural I want to see,” said Waltermire. “I travel to experience what life is like in other places or what life was in the past, to see and hear these things allows for someone to get a better understanding of life and can learn what they want to do.”

Waltermire enjoys noting the differences across the nation, “Take Sheetz for example, if you go far enough west or south they just disappear and are replaced by Loves or Truck World.” He states that we are so used to having these stores around us that when we go somewhere else, it’s very strange not seeing these things. He finds it very enjoyable to set little goals for himself on his travels, such as eating at KFC in Kentucky and eating lobster in Maine, as well as noting the differences around him.

These trips have made Waltermire want to experience new things and live life by seeing everything he can. If given the opportunity, he would always travel because it lets him see things someone else may never see in life. “We may be able to look stuff up online but to see something in person is completely different from just looking at a screen,” said Waltermire.

His advice to new travelers is to not just stick to what is planned. A rough plan is helpful for time limits and reservations, but if these limitations do not apply go and explore new things. Waltermire believes this applies especially for road trips, “The best thing you can do is make a drive longer by seeing interesting or fun sites that you find along your route.”

On a more serious note, Waltermire advises travelers that in other countries nothing is free. He advises to drink bottled water because their water may contain something we are not used to, and to stay in tourist areas because other areas might be dangerous. “Also be respectful if you’re in another culture or at a memorial, don’t be an idiot.”

After all of his travels, Waltermire plans on getting into the National Park Service and working in the parks to either conserve them or work in the law enforcement aspect. If he can get into the park service, he plans on hopping between parks to visit other states and experience new things. “If I can’t get into the park services, then I’ll just see where life takes me, but I still plan on traveling through the states and across the world,” commented Waltermire.

Waltermire’s next planned trip is to Ireland, and he can’t wait to see where he goes next.

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