The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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Student teachers heading back to campus

Bellwood says goodbye to this year’s student teachers as they leave the district
Kate Wallace
Like other student teachers at BAHS, Tyler Bullock is heading back to his college campus this week.

This Friday, Bellwood-Antis High School is saying farewell to their student teachers as they head back to Penn State University.

Tyler Bullock, William Rawa, and Jacob Green have been teaching under Mr. Kerry Naylor, Mr. Matthew McNaul, and Mr. Patrick Sachse’s mentorship, and have grown their teaching skills throughout the year.

“I’ve enjoyed watching Tyler grow and adapt to the grind of a teaching schedule,” stated Bullock’s mentor Naylor, “[He] improved greatly during this time and I know the students are in a good place as I get ready to take over the full class load.”

Mr. Bullock started teaching at Bellwood in October of last year, and during his time he has enjoyed interacting with the students and making differences in people’s lives. Throughout his experience he is still unsure of what grade level he wishes to teach, stating that each have pros and cons. After he graduates however, he wishes to teach at his former school district in Millerstown, the Greenwood School District.

“Every time someone asks about my time [at Bellwood] I say it is very similar to the school I grew up in. It’s pretty much my dream school and I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity.”

Naylor has always loved hosting student teachers, even with the hectic schedule that comes with them. “I know a lot of people think it would be great to have a student teacher because you just sit there and watch someone else do your work but that’s not really how it is. You are watching [them] and assisting them while also helping students and addressing your other responsibilities.”

Those responsibilities are bound to intensify as regular teachers return to their classrooms for the month of May.

Mr. Rawa delivers a lesson to his seventh period civics class. He is one of many student teachers in PA who are finishing their student teaching experience.

Mr. Rawa is earning a Secondary Education Social Studies degree at PSU due to all of the interesting discussions that can be held regarding the topic. “I enjoyed my relationship with the students and faculty,” stated Rawa on his time at Bellwood, “everyday got better to look forward to.”

One of his favorite things about being a student teacher is the respect he earns from his students and fellow teachers. He appreciated how honest and supportive his mentor McNaul was when it came to feedback.

“It’s exciting to see the student teacher grow and develop over the course of twelve weeks,” commented McNaul. “It’s more work than most think if you are mentoring correctly. I always observed Michael and gave feedback on his lessons throughout the day.”

Mr. Green came to Bellwood in February and began teaching 4th-12th grade concert band under Mr. Sachse. He has provided a positive experience for all his students through funny jokes and different ways to view music. He is in the process of completing his final semester of his undergraduate degree in Music Education at PSU.

“Bellwood-Antis’ positive culture influenced me to be excited to teach every single day. I have grown immensely as not only a musician and educator but as a person throughout my time here,” stated Mr. Green. “Keep making music, Bellwood!”

“Mr. Green has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He cares both about students’ well-being and about making quality music,” said Mr. Patrick Sachse, the mentor of Green. “Although I’ll miss having him around, I know he’ll do great things once he lands his own gig!”

Although the student teachers are ready to head back to campus and move onto the next stage, leaving the school is a bittersweet process. “I’m sad to give it all up, but enjoyed every second of being here,” commented Bullock. “This last week has been more emotional than I was expecting.”

Like his fellow student teachers, Rawa stated his leaving is also bittersweet. “I’m looking forward to graduate but would like to stay and finish the year. The kids were polite and the community as a whole was very welcoming, I had fun being here.”

Good luck Mr. Bullock, Mr. Rawa, and Mr. Green, Bellwood will miss you all.

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