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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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College Corner: Vincent Cacciotti

Courtesy of Vincent Cacciotti
Cacciotti takes a trip to State College

Valedictorian, Vincent Caciotti, has chosen Penn State University as his new home for the fall. Vincent will live in University Park, and will be majoring in aerospace engineering.

Because of its location and name, Penn State is the goal of schools for students in Central Pennsylvania. On top of that, Penn State’s degree variability is much larger than other schools in the surrounding areas. Vincent has had some prior experience with the university, where he would attend the Summer Readiness Program through PSU. Along with experiencing the program, connections were made through staff members, so that the transition into college life will be as smooth as possible.

“Penn State is the only school in Pennsylvania with aerospace engineering, and also it’s an easy drive back home,” said Vincent.   

Through his high school career, Vincent has had classes that have shown him an introduction into his future field. Most of all, Vincent has enjoyed Physics with Mrs. Flarend, and her ever changing personality. 

“I like the trial and error we use to test, and figure things out on our own. It doesn’t seem structured, but all planned out from the beginning of the year,” said Vincent. 

Along with focusing on classes, Vincent has remained involved in many clubs over his years. Vincent has played baseball and basketball for all four years of high school, and remained on the National Honor Society, Renaissances, FCA, Scholastic Scrimmage, Tech Club. Not only is he a scholar and an athlete, but he’s also a published author. His book, Memoirs of Ceaseless Suspicion: A Tell-Tale Funeral, is available for purchase on Amazon for those daring enough to read the spooky tale.

To become Valedictorian is no easy feat. Vincent has dedicated many hours upon hours into the study of his subjects, and this dedication only seems to be getting easier for him to stay on top of all classes. He truly believes in good time management as a key to his success.

“I made myself have good time management. Studying first, and then having fun afterwards. It’s gotten easier as I’ve gotten older, so I hope to keep the work ethic through college,” said Vincent. 

His solid work ethic has driven him to continue his studies, and without a doubt, will one day be one of America’s top engineers. His main career goal is venturing into more of an astronautical approach of aerospace engineering.

“I want to pursue the astronautical side of my field. I will likely stay somewhat close to home; either in Pennsylvania or a surrounding state. If possible, I’d like to work at a research institution to develop Aerospace, and maybe become a professor,” said Vincent.

Vincent has remained one of Bellwood’s best and brightest over the last four years, and we all are wishing him the best of luck on his eventual journey of using his brilliant mind. Thank you Vincent, for your dedication to the school and to your peers!

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