Senioritis Strikes Again.

Jess Salmon, Staff Writer

Attention, seniors! If you can manage to focus long enough, I’d like to talk about something important to all of us. This includes the under classmen; you’re next.

The phenomenon I’d like to discuss is commonly found in students of the senior class. It inhabits their minds and causes a loss of ambition. Some other symptoms include laziness in both school work and appearance, headaches, stress, and even increased absences.

We must take caution with this disease of the mind, and we mustn’t allow it to control the habits we know we should have.

I’m sure you’ve figured out exactly what I’m talking about. This unavoidable disturbance is commonly known as Senioritis.

Don’t let the term fool you. Seniors aren’t the only ones that can fall victim to this treacherous mind set.

Senior Angelee McAlkich says, “I’ve had senioritis since ninth grade!”

“I’m just done,” said Sarah Winesickle, another senior. “I’d just rather be somewhere else, moving toward something else, something more productive,” she said.

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors all experience this condition but everyone handles it differently.

Twelfth grade English teacher Mrs. Zong believes that some students are faking it. “Honestly, my classes are fantastic, but in general, students are short tempered,” she said, “but, I can’t tell if it’s because they feel as though they are supposed to act that way.”

Some students try and get more sleep at night. Others will do their best to force themselves into new studying habits. Everyone has a different way of coping, but what is the real cure?

There is only one known antidote for Senioritis. It’s known commonly as graduation. In other words, the only options we have are to wait it out or drop out. And dropping out is out of the question!

So, until that graduation day comes, how will you alleviate your Senioritis symptoms?