Kerri Little working towards another first-place finish at PJAS

Senior’s project will focus on ageism and the millennial generation


by Makala Doyle

Senior Kerri Little

Makala Doyle, Staff Writer

Senior Kerri Little is back at it again. With the new school year, that also means a new PJAS project. Last year, Kerri’s “Name Game” project had great results and participation from the community, which helped her get her first place award at States.

The Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) is a statewide organization of junior and senior high school students designed to stimulate and promote interest in science among its members through the development of research projects and investigations.

This will be Kerri’s fourth year in a row participating in PJAS.

This year, Kerri said that she wanted to go with a similar stereotype theme like her project last year. Her project last year focused on appearance and stereotypes. She said she has decided to focus on ageism this year instead of racism of sexism just because it is a lesser discussed issue. Her project is called, “Those Gosh-Darn Millennials.”

When asked what her project was about specifically, Kerri explained that it was about ageism and the belief that the generation “millennials” are inherently lazy, selfish, etc. because the millennials are mostly teens, this transfers to the belief that all tenens are like this.

“Since it is my senior year, I want to test over a thousand people to go out with a bang. Anyone who has the link is able to take it, regardless of age or location.”

Kerri hopes to see similar answers among her different age images. She would also like to see if the age of the participants play a role in the results of her experiment.

How can you help?

“I need people to take my Google doc. survey. It is only fifteen questions, and is all multiple choice,” Kerri said.

Kerri is still just beginning her project, and would appreciate all the participants that she can get! Good luck to Kerri with her experiment for her last year of PJAS.

Help Kerri out by taking her survey here.