Social media weather


Ethan McGee

The recent snowfall caused a stir on social media, flooding news feeds with obvious revelations about the weather.


With all of the newest technology readily available to everyone, there’s no need to look outside to see what the weather is like when you can just check social media.

Whether people are happy about the sunshine, or mad about the pouring rain, you can find it all, just by moving your thumbs.

Big snowstorm? You’ll see many tweets about how much people hate the snow or how beautifully it lies on the ground. Nice sunset? Just check Instagram. The cute girl down the street will have that posted.

It’s just annoying when 45 different people just “happen” to notice the weather outside.

“It’s snowing outside,” has got to be the best observation ever recorded, however.

It just so happened that last week, I looked outside and wondered what this luscious blanket of glimmering white stuff was that was lying all over the Earth. Thanks random tweeter for telling me that it was snow. I never would have guessed it.

These random social media posts also have a positive benefit to get out information fast. The first person that gets notified of a delay can tell everyone else by typing one simple sentence.

People abuse this right by making false claims when they aren’t true at all. They are just assuming and trying to make their fellow classmates happy, but they get burned in the end when people are infuriated by their accusations.

So in the end, social media is a great way to share your feelings. It’s just annoying when 45 different people just “happen” to notice the weather outside. Thanks but I can look for myself Captain Obvious.