Valentines Day Kills


Ethan McGee, Staff Writer

February 14th could be described with several definitions depending on how you feel about “Valentine’s Day”.

Some think it’s a day for love and others take it as a day to go waste money on candy and expensive dates that you could do any other time if you wanted.

Typically the female population always are the ones looking forward to valentines for their man to get them some sweet chocolates, go out for a movie and dinner, or even just spend some quality time together.

Although it can be the other way around also from the man’s point of view wanting those same things. What really is even the point of having a designated day to show affection for your other half?

Does it really take a national holiday for some people to be nice to others and make them feel like they care? Valentine’s Day tends to cause more stress trying to figure out what you are going to do for the special day, rather than actually celebrate it with your lover.

It tends to a very good way to empty your wallet; in only a few hours of shopping around. The national holiday serves more as a nationwide fundraiser for local businesses around you.

God forbid when one side of the relationship doesn’t put in a lot of effort, it could be the end of the world for that relationship.

The day for couples can tend to end relationships due to lack of effort than help spread some love. Why should it have to be forced upon people to go out and waste extra time for one 24 hour day? Valentine’s Day is no different than the next day, or the one after that.

There is no way a man or woman should be punished for not celebrating this “national” holiday. They stand against the fight to spread love every day, not just for February 14th.