Teacher Appreciation Week


Kerry Naylor

Mrs. Adams created a mural recognizing high school teachers outside of her office for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Ethan McGee, Sports Writer

During the first week of every May is teacher’s appreciation week.  Teacher’s appreciations week is a great week were all of the faculty at B-A and teachers all over the nation get recognized for their hard work and dedication to the education system.

Teaching isn’t something teachers feel they need to do to get appreciation. It’s more for the students than ourselves.”

— Mr. Lovrich

High schools recognize this week and the teachers by hosting several activities to celebrate it.  At Bellwood-Antis vocational-agriculture Mr. Webreck has planted tomato cherry plants to be given to all of the teachers as a token of respect.

Mrs. Sally Padula and the National Honor Society provided treats for teachers in the teachers lounges and spent days drafting thank you cards for every teacher in the district.

Assistant Principal Mrs. Cathy Adas created a mural recognizing teachers outside of her office.

Many places start things such as Go Fund Me accounts where people can donate money, which goes to the school and the teachers.

Teachers are also given small snacks as a token of thanks and gratitude.

Ms. Brant, a teacher in the history department, feels good about teacher appreciation week.

“We are so lucky to have the opportunity to teach kids, and receive appreciation from the students, plus our district. It means a lot seeing that people really do care for teachers and our efforts,” said Ms. Brant

A lot of teachers seem to have a common theme when they are asked about what teacher appreciation week means to them. They are fortunate to be able to make an impact on young people’s lives and help guide them, and Mr. Lovrich can agree.

“It’s nice being able to impact a student’s life for the better. Teaching isn’t something teachers feel they need to do to get appreciation. It’s more for the students than ourselves. So it’s nice to feel appreciated by our school district,” said Mr. Lovrich.