Teachers have feelings too

ap·pre·ci·ate- to recognize the full worth of.

Alexis Mayhue

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It’s time to appreciate your teachers.

It might be kind of cheesy to say, but teachers don’t seem to get enough recognition.

Honestly, teachers get taken advantage of way to easily.

Let’s be real, you can think of a teacher that people can just sort of… “Can we not do this? What if we just do this? Come onnnn.” And things like that, maybe even meaner than that example.

Take a step back and realize what you and the people around you are doing. You’re making their jobs sooo much harder than it needs to be.

Try to just go with it. They have lesson plans for a reason.

Most people would think that their plans are to make your life more frustrating, but they are only making it easier.

The teachers here at Bellwood look at us as their own kids– their own responsibility– and they have the same job as a parent has at home here at school.

When the lunch bell rings and you hurry down the halls then get yelled at by the teacher? Its not that they are purposefully trying to make you last in line. They are trying to keep you and the people around you safe.

Don’t you think you should appreciate that?

There are many ways to take notice and appreciate them. Do your homework, don’t talk in class, buy them a candy bar. Almost anything goes and it won’t go unnoticed.