B-A Band Prepares for Carwash


Cazen Cowfer

the band is selling carwash tickets.

Cazen Cowfer, Staff Writer

The Bellwood- Antis Marching Band desperately needs new band uniforms. The band has been wearing the same uniforms for 15 years, and the life expectancy of the uniforms is only 10 years. So, to help pay for brand new ones, the Marching Band is kicking off a fundraiser. They are selling coupons for Sheetz Car Wash.
Each coupon costs $9, and is good for a $9 “Shiner” car wash. Sheetz is donating $4 of each ticket sold to the marching band.

These coupons have no expiration date, and are valid at any Sheetz carwash in any state!

Middle and High School band teacher Mr. Patrick Sachse feels confident that the band will reach the goal for the tickets.

“If we reach our goal, we will order more tickets,” said Mr. Sachse.

The band is also going to do more fundraisers this year.

“The music parents are going to set up one restaurant night per month. We are working on building advertising space outside the concession stands,” said Mr. Sachse.

High School freshman Thalia Lucio strongly feels that the band will pass the goal and sell even more tickets.

“ Hopefully, people will waste 9 crisp dollars on a car wash. At least it’ll make your car nice ‘n’ shiny! said Thalia.

With luck, this fundraiser will help go to the money needed for new uniforms. We already have a great marching band, now we need great new uniforms!