A+: BA honors Alby with a special sticker

Albert Abrams, a big supporter of the Bellwood-Antis football team, passed away and the team shows kindness by adding “AA” to their helmets.

Anson Jones, Staff Writer

Bellwood-Antis gets an A+ in kindness as they remember Albert “Alby” Abrams, a man that was admired and appreciated by everyone that knew him.

The Bellwood-Antis football team staff  recently put “AA” on the back of their players’ helmets in recognition of Albert  Abrams passing away.  “Alby” was a big support to the football team.

According to those involved with the team, Alby was always there to help with getting things ready before and after practice.   They say he was basically a coach’s aide for the varsity football team, and he always  supported Bellwood sports teams in general.

“Even in the summertime, he would show up and see how the kids were doing,” said Coach John Hayes.

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“He was always at practice to set up things for the day and help the field crew on Friday. He was always there to encourage the team,” said Ethan McGee.

Coach Nick Lovrich said Alby had a big impact on the students he encountered.

“He was such a positive person for our guys to be around. Players really enjoyed spending time with him and he enjoyed being there also,” said Coach  Lovrich.