A spooky treat: the top 14 Halloween candies


Kaylee Stonebreaker

Thor Schmittle, Trevor Snyder and Hunter Taylor all enjoy a little bit of the Halloween candy.

Phoebe Potter, Staff Writer

Tootsie Rolls: A timeless classic that you truly never grow out of. Let’s be honest here, you get secretly excited when you see these sweet little treats at the bottom of your candy bag after a hard night of trick or treat.

Blow Pops: Not only are the flavors out of this world, you also get a sweet treat of gum in the middle.

Nerds: Whether it’s on a rope or in a little box, nerds are a simple little candy that pack a sour yet sweet taste that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Ring Pop: Who wasn’t engaged to someone else with a ring pop in elementary school? Ring pops are a classic candy that like that second grade love stay with you forever.

Butterfinger: A crispy peanut butter and chocolate combo that no one can resist.

Snickers: With nougat, caramel, and peanuts, a snickers will get you out of that funky mood and give you that quick fill up to trick or treat all night long.

Laffy Taffy: Willy Wonka can do no wrong, especially when it comes to this chewy treat. With a multitude of flavors you are sure to be satisfied with this candy.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: Does this even need an explanation?

Pop Rocks: Candy that pops in your mouth…. MIND BLOWN! *insert explosion sound effects here*

Pixie Stix: Originally starting out as a drink mix, pixie stix were soon discovered to be sweet enough to eat straight out of the package. And what more do people like than doing what they are not supposed to be doing?

Air Heads: Like starbursts they have a mouthwatering taste that can’t be dismayed but aren’t as clumpy providing a better overall experience.

Razzles: The most underrated candy in the world, razzles are the most spectacular candy. It starts as a candy and then turns into gum… it is mind bottling!

Kit Kat: Give me a break, no other chocolate bar can ever beat out a Kit Kat bar. It’s like a giant fitting into a small space, it’ll never happen.

Candy Corn: Of course it’s candy corn!? What other candy can capture the glory and spirit of Halloween? Anyone who is a true fanatic over Halloween can tell you that Candy Corn is the greatest candy for the season.