Top 6 Christmas Cookies


Julie Norris

Chocolate chip cookies are America’s favorite when it comes to Christmas cookies.

Beau Potter and

The holiday tradition to leave cookies out for Santa is classic, dating back as far as the 1500’s in Europe. And Santa needs the best cookies for all the hard work he does.

Think about it, nobody wants to be that guy who comes to the coolest Christmas party empty handed. How about some cookie ideas for this holiday season. Here’s our list of the top Christmas cookies.


Spice sugar cookies: The perfect combo of spicy and sweet to get anyone in the holiday spirit.


Snicker doodles: Nothing like some sweet cinnamon. Plain, without frills, this Christmas cookie proves that the simple things in life can be special.


Peanut butter blossom: Yeah, the ones with the Hershey Kiss on top. These peanut buttery chocolate cookies are just delightful. You can count on mom to make these every single year.


Brownies: Though not technically cookies, everyone loves brownies. You can never go wrong with some nice soft, chocolatey, and warm goodness, and you can add some red or green icing for the season. Cut them into Christmas shapes like trees or stars to take your Christmas snacking to a new level.


Gingerbread man: Everyone will be catching the gingerbread man this December. Probably the most famous Christmas cookie, it is closely related to another favorite, the ginger bread house. The key to both is using lots of sugary icing.


Chocolate chip: Do not mistake with raisin cookies. Santa’s favorite cookie, this is the classic Christmas cookie. No matter if you go with or without walnuts, whether you eat them oven-fresh or out of a bin where they’re laid in wait for weeks, this cookie is what you think of when Christmas treats come to mind.