A Review of the Smash-hit Divergent

It’s OK, But Not Close to the Book


CCO Public Commons (Geralt)

The movie didn’t live up to the book, according to one BluePrint movie critic.

Everyone has heard the hype of the Divergent book series by Veronica Roth and the newly released Divergent movie.  Many critics say that the movie was a must-see film, but I feel many of them must not have read the books.

Divergent the movie was a big disappointment.  There were too many changes that were not in the book.  They changed many scenes and even changed the ending of the movie.  If you didn’t read the book series, then I feel that the movie will be phenomenal for you, but reading the books and then going to see the movie was a letdown.  If it was a matter of a time crunch for the movie’s producer and director to fit everything into the movie, they should have cut the movie in half a made it into two parts to it.  They could have put a lot more detail and not had to cut so much out if they would have made two movies.

I also did not care for some of the character choices, which were inconsistent with the book.  The leads were amazing except for the fact that Tris is supposed to be a blonde but in the movie they have her as a dull brunette, played by Shailene Woodley.  I did not care for Jai Courtney, who played Eric; he was not up to the standard of the book Eric in my opinion.  Eric is described as very tall and with many piercings, yet in the movie he is short with only two piercings. I also did not like Miles Teller as Peter.  I feel that he was too chunky to play peter.   Peter is described as tall with dark, shiny hair that gleams even in relative darkness. He has a wide white smile, his nose is long with a narrow bridge.  Physically, Miles did not portray him well.  Also, Ben Lloyd Hughes, who played Will, was not up to par. Will is described as a red-head with shaggy hair and a crease between his eyebrows. Physically, he was pale and solid, with an easy smile and green eyes the color of celery. In the movie they portrayed him as a skinny pale brunette who wasn’t as tall as he was said to be.

So to summarize I didn’t like the changes from the book to the movie, primarily the character and plot changes.  Overall this was a good movie if you didn’t read the books, but if you did I feel that you might be disappointed.