BOOKLIGHT: More Happy Than Not


Julianna Norris

More Happy Than Not, a novel written by Adam Silvera, was added to Mr. Naylor’s book collection the beginning of this school year.

Kaelynn Behrens, Staff Writer

Do you love a good love story? Do you enjoy a page-turner? In that case, More Happy Than Not is the book for you!

More Happy Than Not is written by Adam Silver. This excellent piece of writing was published in June of 2015. This new book to Mr. Kerry Naylor’s collection starts out like any other heart-breaking tale.

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The main character, Aaron Soto, has lost his father in a suicide and is left with his overworked mother and older brother. He expresses that the only happiness he receives is through his girlfriend Genevieve. He and his girlfriend have a typical High School relationship. Aaron even discusses how to have sex with Genevieve with his brother and his best friend. Their relationship is perfect in every way, until Genevieve leaves.

Genevieve leaves to go on a trip for a little while. When she leaves, Aaron’s feelings change. Aaron becomes friends with Thomas. As time passes, Aaron and Thomas’ relationship begins to grow. They become more comfortable around each other and spend more time together. Aaron shares his past with Thomas which is something that Aaron doesn’t do often.

As time progresses, Aaron fears that his commitment to Genevieve is in danger. He discovers feelings for Thomas that he did not ask for, although he doesn’t dislike them. In retaliation to his feelings, he decides to get a procedure done by the Leteo Institute. He wants to do whatever he can to “straighten himself out.” His only fear is that he will forget who he really is. He views his feelings for Thomas as wrong , meaning there is something wrong with him. He loves Genevieve, but he wants Thomas.

“A beautiful debut,” said The New York Times.

This book is definitely a good story and a good message to society today. You don’t have to fix yourself, you are perfect the way you are.

I highly recommend this book to anyone going through rough times. It is motivational and a page-turner.