Adjusting into kindergarten

Myers youngest students are beginning to settle in


Bryce Graham

Kindergarten students at Myers are now into a solid routine as the second nine weeks begins.

Briana Sisto, Staff Writer

You may not remember your first day of school, but maybe your parents do. Ask them how they felt as they sent you off on your first day. They may have felt nervous or scared, but, that was a long time ago.

Back to school can be rough on young kids, but nobody helps them better than the teachers at Myers Elementary.

As the first nine weeks comes to a close, the teachers of Myers’ youngest students are settling in with their kindergarten classes.

“I get just as nervous for the kids as their parents do,” said kindergarten teacher Mr. Matt Germino. “They’re all blank slate, so I think everyone gets a little nervous. Especially for us not knowing the kids coming in, the rest of the grades have some idea of whose coming and we just get a whole new group.”

Sometimes the young children are so nervous and scared they would rather  leave.

“The first day I had probably two kiddos that said they wanted to see their parents and go home.” Mrs.  Shawley.

Often kindergarten kids don’t particularly know how to follow some of the directions of a school environment as they start their first year, but it comes with practice. mThose routines are beginning to fall into place as the second nine weeks nears.

“In kindergarten, it takes like two weeks to learn how to stand in line, and walk to lunch, and behave themselves on the playground,” said Mrs. Shawley.

School can be tough, especially when you’re five years old and don’t know where to go or what you’re doing. In the best circumstances, kindergartners head into school knowing at least a couple people from daycare or preschool. But now most of them have started making social connections at Myers.

“We’re very lucky to get kids who have gone to preschool together, so they already know two or three kids that they get along with either in their class or in another class. So we try to do a lot of stuff together so they can see their friends throughout the day,” said Mr. Germino.