College Corner: Maddie Miller


Kaelynn Behrens

Maddie Miller is planning on going to Clarion University.

Kaelynn Behrens, Staff Writer

The Blueprint: How many colleges did you apply to?

Maddie: Three.

The Blueprint: What made you apply to Clarion University?

Maddie: The small class size and distance.

The Blueprint: What will your major be?

Maddie: Secondary Spanish Education.

The Blueprint: What made you chose this specific major?

Maddie: The four years of Spanish with Mrs. Smith.

The Blueprint: What do you think will be some of the major differences between college and high school?

Maddie: The workload and the way the professors are.

The Blueprint: What are your feelings on moving on from Bellwood-Antis High School?

Maddie: It is sad leaving friends I’ve had since kindergarten and the teachers who have helped me throughout the years.