Oppression makes for a good story


Bryce Graham

It seems as though everyone can claim a group to identify with some kind of oppression.

Eli Vaglica , Staff Writer

People often ask the bare minimum of pleasantries to avoid a full on conversation with me, if they even initiate dialogue. They always ask questions, and you’re almost always expected to lie. People ask you what you plan on doing with your life and unless you’re a mindless denizen of the horde of people satisfied with similarity, you lie. Everything becomes a falsehood; why identify with any one group or thing? Someone will tell you you’re wrong until their jaws are numb. I’m not saying don’t believe in anything, but why tell anyone when it isn’t any of their business? I like to just say whatever I want, but that’s not what people like.

It’s really ‘pleasant’ seeing all these blogs and how emotional, sappy and personal they are. Unfortunately, for me I am not much of any of those things. I’m also a white male. My opinions, thoughts and feelings aren’t really relevant or interesting for anyone. I can’t write about how much I’ve been ‘oppressed’. People are so sensational when they write, and I don’t mean that in a good way. I look at journalism websites and mostly all I see are people that appear to be using their nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation for attention. Maybe if I were gay my opinion might mean something in this time period, seeing as how I can’t really switch my race or nationality.

I’m also a white male. My opinions, thoughts and feelings aren’t really relevant or interesting for anyone.”

As long as I can put blame on someone else, I can claim oppression and create ‘great’ stories. I wish when people talked about there being all walks of life they actually meant it and not just “all walks of life, except the one we’re going to demonize as an oppressor because it doesn’t count.” From what I know of my history my grandparents on either side were immigrants, and yeah, they were probably discriminated against, but you didn’t see them getting newspaper articles. People always find something to complain about or somehow to make life more negative. These people never find happiness in anything they do; they force hurt upon themselves that is unfathomable. Feeling everyone else’s pain as your own is a really ‘fun’ way to give yourself depression, anxiety and other problems of instability in life.

Sure, I wasn’t at the Women’s March, but do you think if I was that they would have treated me equally? I’ve never been to a Black Lives Matter protest, but how would I know that I’m not going to get tortured live on Facebook as black people and those complaining of oppression cheer on my abductors for actually discriminating against me. I’m not a Neo-Nazi, but wearing a Pepe the frog pin can get me assaulted for being one? AND these ‘non-violent’ protestors find ASSAULT (if you didn’t know, that’s a crime) an acceptable response. Where has the sensibility gone? Why did Gandhi and MLK Jr. even exist? Is it for senselessness and violence or the actual accomplishment of equality? This is going beyond equality. It’s as if all those years of the submission that people claim to hail from has caused them to be blind to the realities that they currently face. It’s so exploded by politics. As if one 70-year old business man could possibly do any of the things his opposition fears.