Students unhappy with decision


Kaelynn Behrens

Students were disappointed when Junior High County Band was cancelled Tuesday.

Freshman Alex Roberts was extremely disappointed that County Band was cancelled.

He said he put in a lot of time and effort into learning the new music he was given and wanted the chance to play it at the show.

“I’m really upset.  I really liked the music and wish we could do it at a different time.  I practiced that music for more than a week and made a lot of friends at the first rehearsal,” said Alex.

Alex is not the only one upset.  When Junior High County Band was cancelled yesterday due to the dangerous weather, students from around the area had to be disappointed. There were ten schools from Blair County and beyond.

Even though the students are upset, rescheduling the concert would be almost impossible for multiple reasons.

I spent time learning the music and prepping for the concert. It almost feels like a wasted effort.”

— Joyce Zheng

“The odds of finding a time when all ten schools and the guest director are all available on the same day again just isn’t realistically possible,” said Mr. Sachse.

Still, students were troubled by the move.

“I was starting to make friends from other schools, and we were going to talk again today,” said Evan.

One student who was particularly upset to see the concert cancelled was freshman Joyce Zheng.  She said she felt her hard work was wasted.

“I’m not happy about it.  I spent time learning the music and prepping for the concert.  It almost feels like a wasted effort,” said Joyce.

Mr. Sachse felt that the practice wasn’t a lost cause.

“Although I’m disappointed to lose the concert, it shouldn’t take away from the educational benefit the students’ received of learning the music and the experience of working with our outstanding conductor.” said Mr. Sachse.

Dr. Darrin Thornton from Penn State was scheduled to be the guest conductor.

Mr. Sachse said ideally the concert would be made up, but that’s not realistically possible.

“I would have loved to reschedule this concert but it was logistically impossible,” he said.