BA Band’s Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser


Courtesy Photo

Bellwood-Antis has nearly raised enough money for new uniforms.

Myranda Mamat, Staff Writer

As everyone knows Bellwood-Antis Band has been working there tails off to get enough money to buy new uniforms. On Monday February 6, Bellwood Band Boosters hosted a fundraiser night at Texas Roadhouse in Altoona. 10 percent of a total food purchase goes towards the band for new uniforms.

“I saw a lot of Bellwood people coming out to support us,” said Mr. Sachse.

The total goal is $21,000 dollars for all new uniforms, but if the students raise past the goal amount, the extra money will go towards new instruments.

“We have over $20,000 raised so far and are waiting to hear back about what we raised last night. We are also getting calls from the vender to see sample orders on how much the jackets are and negotiate to see if we can get something a little nicer,” said Mr. Sachse.

Although the Booster Club is hard at work raising money for the uniforms, Mr. Sachse is looking to keep them for as long as possible

“We have made a request to the school board to split the cost 50-50, so that will help us with being able to keep them longer. Anything the school district buys becomes school district property,” he said.

Because of the amount of support the Bellwood Band has gotten to help them raise money for their new uniforms, they are planning on having more fundraisers in the future.

“We are planning to do a dinner fundraiser once a month to help out the Band more even once the uniforms are paid for,” said Mr. Sachse.