Tune Talk: Melanie Martinez


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Melanie Martinez went from The Voice to music stardom.

Cazen Cowfer, Staff Writer

Melanie Martinez is a singer, songwriter, music video director, and photographer. Melanie first got her start on The Voice singing Britney Spears’s “Toxic” in 2012. Melanie made it into the top 6 before being eliminated in the fifth week of live shows.

Melanie was heavily supported by her fans, and produced a video for her single “Dollhouse”. Melanie only has one album “Crybaby”, but she will producing another one soon. The Crybaby album has a story behind it. It explains the whole life of Crybaby herself through each song. Most people get confused thinking that the whole album is about Melanie, but it’s not true. Melanie can only relate to some songs like “Crybaby”, and “Alphabet Boy.”

Melanie Martinez/YouTube

At the age of 16, Melanie dyed half of her hair blonde and black, after watching 101 Dalmatians because of Cruella De Vil. Melanie is most recognized by her gap between her front teeth. Melanie has a very unique style. She dresses in pastels and “baby” clothes. Melanie’s make up has to match her creative outfits too, with lively colored lipsticks, dramatic eyeshadows, and colorful eyebrows. Melanie was often bullied as a child for being different. She often cried a lot and always showed her emotions. The kids often called her a “Crybaby”, which sparked the creation of the fictional character for her only album.

Melanie is my idol. I admire her for her music, her makeup, her fashion, and her personality. You should really buy the Crybaby album. In my opinion her best songs are “Tag, You’re It”, “Milk and Cookies”, “Pity Party”, and “Sippy Cup”. You should definitely listen to them.