Mr. Trexler has big plans for outdoor classroom


Bryce Graham

Mr. Trexler has plans for the raised beds in the outdoor classroom.

Beau Potter, Staff Writer

Middle school teacher Mr. Tim Trexler is seeking help from students, teachers, and community groups to make improvements to the outdoor classroom, which resides in the courtyard in between the middle and high school.

People can help by adopting a raised bed in the outdoor classroom. Mr. Trexler believes it is a perfect way to “foster active, inquiry-based learning in a real world setting.”

There is nothing like eating something that you have planted, cultivated, and harvested yourself.

— Mr. Trexler

All materials will be supplied, so all Mr. Trexler needs are volunteers to plant the seeds or seedlings and do weekly checkups. He has even said he will be responsible for daily watering.

The outdoor classroom has been there for more than five years and hasn’t really produced what was expected.

“It never really took off, as everyone is so busy meeting the long list of academic standards, and time wasn’t available to plan creative ways to use the space. So over the years, it has fallen into disarray,” said Middle School Principal Dr. Don Wagner.

The school did consider turning it back into a plot of grass, but Mr. Trexler wanted to give it one more try.

If you choose to adopt a raised bed, whatever you plant is yours.

“There is nothing like eating something that you have planted, cultivated, and harvested yourself,” said Mr. Trexler.

Mr. Trexler also said he has several ideas for outdoor classroom adoption projects and that all grade levels can take advantage of the great space. High school students can receive community service hours for their work.

The idea for improving the classroom came to Mr. Trexler last summer.  He really just wants to get as many volunteers as possible to join the “green team,” so they could eventually extend the media café, which is now solely in the library, extended to the classroom outside.

Mr. Trexler believes that it’s about time to utilize the wonderful area for some good old fashioned hands-on learning and volunteer work. Everything you need is there.

“It is really up to the teacher. The topics are endless,” said Mr. Trexler.