Valentines for Troops

BAMS students give back to U.S. Troops

Students packing snacks for troops in the Middle East.

Courtesy photo

Students packing snacks for troops in the Middle East.

Valentine’s Day, a day of romance on February 14, in which many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine”. But, what about the troops that are serving for our country and can’t get home to their loved ones? Well, Bellwood-Antis Middle School students packed bags full of snacks to send to our soldiers. We sat down with Dr. Wagner, Principal of BAMS, and asked him a couple of questions about this activity.

BluePrint: How many bags did the middle school pack?

Dr. Wagner: Approximately 400.

BluePrint: Where are the bags being sent and to whom?

Dr. Wagner: Deployed troops in the Middle East.

BluePrint: What were some of the items that were packed in the bags?

Dr. Wagner: Granola bars, Slim Jims, gum, hard candy, water flavoring, oatmeal and Poptarts.

BluePrint: When did you send the bags and when do you think the troops will receive them?

Dr. Wagner: We sent them out on January 29th, and we are hoping that they will receive them around Valentine’s Day.

BluePrint: How many years have you done this activity for the troops?

Dr. Wagner: Three years but this year we packed the most bags by far.

BluePrint: As the principal of the middle school, how do you feel about the middle school students participating in this activity?

Dr. Wagner: I am very proud of the students showing their appreciation for the bravery of our soldiers. It is great when students get an opportunity to help others and see that the world is bigger than just themselves.

Hopefully the soldiers will enjoy their Valentine’s Day gifts from the Bellwood-Antis Middle School!