Music Department plans Footloose spirit week


Bryce Graham

The Music Department is sponsoring five days of dress up fun next week in anticipation of the premier of Footloose.

Troy Walker, Staff Writer

Everybody cut! BA’s production of Footloose the musical opens next week.

In anticipation of the fun, the music department is sponsoring Footloose spirit week.

Spirit week will start on Monday, March 27, leading into the March 30 opening of the school play, and run through Friday, March 31.

Footloose runs from March 30-April 1 and tickets are still available.

Here is a list of the days and events for spirit week:

Monday- 80’s hair day

Tuesday- Neon Day

Wednesday- Urban Cowboy

Thursday- Everybody cut footloose

Friday- 80’s band day (no face paint, and no masks)

The Music Department is hoping to get students and teachers hyped up and ready for the play, while also hoping to increase ticket sales.

B-A senior Ryen Beam, who holds the lead role of Ren McCormack, said, “We want to get everyone hyped up for the play and we think a lot of people, especially the teachers, will do it (spirit week).”